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Reviews: Break It Apart.
"...timeless sounding... fresh sound that doesn't fit into the current pigeonholes ...This stuff is simple and strong."
Ryan Kuper, The Redemption Recording Co.
"...Blue Muse rocks without pretense...running the gamut from Stone Temple Pilots to Toadies to Republica... Cathey Baier's strong vocals pull everything together..."
Lauren Howard, Leo Weekly
"Blue Muse gives hope to a crappy corporate rock scene by infusing sharp chops, precision songwriting and a bad ass female vocalist into the mix. Break It Apart leaves you begging for more..." » read the entire review
"Blue Muse sounds fresh compared to most of the pop junk on the market right now... Looking at the jewel case sleeve makes me believe they are rocks stars."
Rebecca Harper, WLCA Radio
"The harmonies are gorgeous, the musicianship is top-notch, and Cathey sure is easy on the eyes."
Clinton E. Kirby, WUSM Radio
"The band has an energetic sound with an edginess that will earn them comparisons to bands like Garbage. Blue Muse does indie rock proud."
Robbie Wickstrom, WESS Radio
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Reviews: Will I Be Free.
"Ooohs and ooze. Oozing of soul, with an enchanting frontwoman guaranteed to woo any crowd into a chorus of 'oohs', Blue Muse can work it into a soulful groove (the album opener "Am I Wrong") or turn down the lights and the volume for some torchy lullabies. Either way, you'll be taken away..."
First Listen, The Aquarian Weekly/East Coast Rocker
"On their second release, Will I Be Free, Baier and Fortunato have plugged in and urned up... the cd reveals a considerable depth and eclecticism, with styles ranging from rootsy rock, to a bit of alternative edge, to some blues, to the latent jazziness that has always marked their work. Both Fortunato and Baier reveal new facets, with guitar licks reminiscent of the great British blues-rock bands, and Ms. Baier bringing more edge to her vocals. While Blue Muse may have turned up the volume, ...they have not lost any of their ability to creat transcentent music."
George Graham, WVIA 89.9 Pittstown, PA
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Reviews: Misc.
"You can feel a palpaple intimacy between Cathey Baier and Ernie Fortunato that is quietly strong and of the moment. Blue Muse is a terrific musical experience."
Jerry Balderson, President, Buy or Die Records
"Blue Muse manages to achieve the wonderful instance where both music and lyric gel, forming that rare entity known as perfection."
Tim Ferrante, Editor, GameRoom Magazine